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Can Eating High-Fat Foods Treat Your Inflammation?

Just to show you how crazy study findings can be and why you should always pay very close attention to the message, can you imagine a doctor advising you to treat your stomach inflammation with a hot bag of high-fat foods from McDonald's?

A European study found high-fat foods causes cells in the small intestine to produce cholecystokinin (CCK), a hormone that stimulates digestion, along with the motion that moves food along the digestive tract and a feeling of satiety that tells you to stop eating.

The CCK produced by eating fatty foods was responsible for reducing inflammation (spurred by a lethal bacteria-induced shock) in the digestive tracts of rats.

Those results completely fly in the face of a CCK study I posted two months ago that found eating high-fat foods completely erode your body's CCK mechanisms.

The best way to begin to get your health on track: Modify your diet based on your body's unique nutritional type and cut out processed, high-fat foods.

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