Depression, Suicide Linked to Epilepsy

If you needed any more evidence how negative emotions can hurt your health, an interesting study links epilepsy with the incidence of depression and suicide in a startling new way.

Conventional medicine assumed living with epilepsy created a higher risk for depression and suicide in patients. Based on a study of about 1,000 patients (a third of whom had epilepsy), however, a history of depression increased one's epilepsy risks. Even worse, patients suffering from epilepsy were as much as four times more likely to have attempted suicide before they ever experienced a seizure.

However, the presence of other symptoms of depression didn't foreshadow a greater incidence of seizures later on, leading scientists to speculate there may be commonality between the brain mechanisms triggering suicide and epilepsy.

These findings certainly make sense, especially considering the epilepsy drug, Neurontin, has recently been linked to a rising incidence of suicides.

Two natural weapons at your disposal, among many, for heading off depression and potentially lowering your risk of epilepsy safely and naturally:

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