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Third Consumer Group Joins Splenda Fight

Last week, I told you about two consumer groups who petitioned California Attorney General Bill Lockyer to investigate claims Splenda was being marketed as a natural sugar product by McNeil Nutritionals, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. A third group, Illinois-based Generation Green, joined the fray Monday.

A non-profit group aimed at concerned parents who want to protect their children from needless exposure to toxins, Generation Green places as great importance as I do on protecting a consumer's right to know exactly what's in the foods they eat in order to make informed decisions for the health of their loved ones.

Generation Green's letter to Lockyer, rightly, addresses the shell game McNeil plays with consumers by blurring the distinction between Splenda and real sugar with its pervasive and completely false Made from sugar so it takes like sugar mantra, just as they did in an earlier letter to the Federal Trade Commission.

Their latest letter also addresses other major concerns I have with Splenda:

Think about this: There's not even one long-term study on Splenda, because the FDA doesn't require them. Why should they? That could only hurt Splenda sales...

PR Newswire October 10, 2005

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