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Creating Super Weeds From GM Crops Is Much Easier Than You Think

A study I posted earlier this year warned mixing genetically modified (GM) crops could also breed herbicide-tolerant ''super'' weeds. Two Missouri farmers who misused Monsanto's Roundup Ready weed-control system made that shocking discovery on their GM soybean fields.

Farmers had planted the same GM soybeans and used the same herbicide (glyphosate) -- both part of Monsanto's Roundup Ready system -- for the past nine years. Over time, weeds with a genetic resistance to glyphosate survived, eventually overwhelming crop yields. Even worse, waterhemp samples taken from those fields were found to withstand eight times the amount of Monsanto's herbicide.

Expect to hear more news like this down the line, as farmers continue to ignore warnings from Monsanto and other agriculture companies to rotate their crops to prevent the spread of super weeds, at the steep cost of only $2-3 per acre...

GM crops grown with Monsanto's Roundup Ready system and other glyphosate products accounted for some $1.6 billion in worldwide sales over the past nine months alone and more than 100 million acres planted in this country.

Just another reason I urge you to eat organic foods as often as you can. And, if you're concerned organic foods may be cost-prohibitive, you won't be after reviewing Colleen Huber's must-read piece comparing processed food prices with organics.

BakingBusiness.com October 10, 2005

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