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Larger Babies Become Obese Children, Adults

New data from an analysis of 24 studies involving 400,000 infants (free PDF link below) has found babies who become large during their first two years stand a greater risk of becoming obese as children and adults.

In fact, babies with the highest body mass index or those who gained the most weight during their first two years were more prone to be obese at every stage of their lives -- child to adult -- than those of a normal weight.

Some experts, including me, believe breastfeeding is a natural and beneficial solution to protect children and their moms from the obesity epidemic, and to spur the growth and functioning of their brains (with the right amount of beneficial omega-3 fats).

Meantime, if you suspect your child may be suffering from obesity, I urge you to review this seven-point checklist I posted earlier this year.

Like most problems in life, preventing childhood obesity is far easier than treating it. Prevention depends on parental involvement, and communication is the key.

British Medical Journal October 14, 2005 Free Full PDF Report

BBC News October 14, 2005

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