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Drop Those Pounds And Feel Sexier Too

Here's another great reason to lose those extra pounds: You'll feel better and so will your libido, according to Duke University researchers. In fact, patients who lost just 13 percent of their body weight over two years felt more sexually attractive, had greater desire and experienced other improvements in the sexual quality of their lives.

Although weight loss improves one's quality of life, few studies had tackled the sexual benefits a person receives from it. Scientists explored this little known realm by studying about 200 obese dieters in Minnesota (mostly women who weighed 248 pounds on average).

Before losing weight, some two-thirds of participants felt unattractive on occasion. After losing more than 10 percent of their weight at the end of three months, patients started feeling more attractive and sexier, a benefit they held onto for two years.

By the numbers (for women):

  • The amount of patients who didn't feel sexually attractive dropped by more than half to 26 percent.
  • Obese women who didn't like being seen undressed fell sharply as well from 63 percent to 34 percent.
  • Diminished sexual desire among patients was down to 15 percent, more than two times lower than before.

Just goes to show, you don't need a potentially blinding and toxic drug to boost your sexual desire, when more natural solutions as simple as eating better based on your body's unique nutritional type and exercise can do the trick.

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