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Type 2 Diabetes Worsens Long-Term Prostate Cancer Survival

You may recall a study I posted recently about the strong connection between prostate cancer and obesity. No big surprise here, one of the logical outcomes of the obesity epidemic -- diabetes -- also worsens a prostate cancer patient's long-term survival.

Researchers compared the health of more than 1,500 men with prostate cancer, including some 200 who also suffered from type 2 diabetes. There were no significant differences between diabetic prostate cancer patients as far as PSAs, Gleason scores and T-stage numbers. And long-term radiation treatment outcomes were close statistically too.

The major difference comes into play, however, when it came to mortality. More prostate cancer patients with type 2 diabetes died than those without it, a significant finding, even after adjusting for key pretreatment factors, researchers said.

A good time as any to remind you one of the major contributors to the obesity epidemic and prostate cancer is eating way too many fried foods prepared with omega-6 trans-fatty oils, which is why you need to stay as far away from processed foods as you possibly can.

EurekAlert October 16, 2005

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