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''Experts'' Prescribing Drugs to Doctors

Ever wonder why you see, hear and read about the same drugs "curing" the same symptoms -- not to mention the seemingly countless off-label uses -- all the time.

A new study has found 70 percent of the panels who make decisions about clinical guidelines (meaning the toxic drug regimens they recommend) have been compromised, no surprise, due to their cozy relationships with the mega-drug companies.

In fact, experts believe drug companies have mastered the art of misinformation and disinformation to distort and soft-pedal countless conflicts of interest with regard to how their products are prescribed.

Based on sets of 215 drug guidelines generated around the word, less than half (90) contained details about various conflicts of interest. However, more than a third of some 700 authors involved in writing guidelines admitted having them. And only some 14 percent of those guidelines were free of any drug company influence.

So, if you're sitting in the examination room and you're wondering how your doctor can remember all those medications he's prescribing to "cure" your condition, and in such detail, he or she may be following these predetermined protocols that have served the drug companies all too well. At least until the drug machine fueling the disaster that is conventional medicine falls for good.

Daily Mail October 19, 2005

Medindia.com October 20, 2005

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