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Hershey Jumps On The Dark Chocolate Bandwagon

A few months ago, I told you about candymaker Mars unveiling a patented process that preserves the beneficial flavanols in dark chocolate often destroyed during standard processing. Seems The Hershey Co. is getting into the act in a big way too.

Hershey funded a recent Yale University study that, once again, confirmed how the flavanols contained in dark chocolate can provide great benefits to your health. This time, it's short-term improvements in arterial functioning and blood pressure, similar to results I reported to you last summer.

Scientists measured the blood pressures of 45 moderately overweight patients two hours before and after they ate two servings (74 grams) of dark chocolate. No surprise, patients had better readings and increased dilation and blood flow.

Of course, this research, like the work Hershey's rival Mars has done, provides a new and improved way for candymakers to sell you on the benefits of the brand -- meaning all of its products -- not just dark chocolate, so use caution.

Consuming small amounts of dark chocolate whose flavanols aren't leeched out by processing can be good for you in moderation, and if you aren't struggling with a serious disease. By the way, you can also get those very same benefits from eating most vegetables and fruits like blueberries and apples too.

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