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Congress Considering ''Cheeseburger'' Bill Again...

If you expect fast-food chains to pay for your poor health choices in the courts, guess again. Multi-national fast-food chains may control the prime real estate near your child's school, but they won't be penalized for it in the courts, if Congress has anything to say about it.

Last week, the House passed -- by an overwhelming majority -- the Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act, nicknamed the "cheeseburger bill," that would ban obesity-related lawsuits by consumers against food manufacturers and restaurant chains.

Although 20 states have laws on the books protecting companies from such lawsuits, Capitol Hill supporters said the intent of the "cheeseburger bill" is to force Americans to take personal responsibility for an obesity epidemic with no apparent end in sight.

For the record, this is the second time the House has passed such legislation. Last year, however, the Senate never considered the bill and observers believe that could happen again with a logjam of legislation for them to considered before a Thanksgiving recess.

BBC News October 20, 2005

CBS News October 19, 2005

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