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How Exercise Benefits Asthmatics

People who suffer from asthma may be unnecessarily avoiding the benefits exercise provides, according to a recent review of 13 studies, involving more than 450 patients above age 8.

Although exercise can trigger asthma attacks in some patients, scientists found those who exercised regularly increased their ability to take in oxygen and improved their ventilation, leading to better cardiopulmonary fitness.

Among the significant benefits asthmatic patients enjoyed, thanks to 20-30-minute aerobic sessions at least twice a week for four weeks:

  • Maximum oxygen uptake
  • Maximum heart rate
  • Work capacity
  • Maximum ventilation

Just another great example of the wonderful way exercise works like a drug that needs to be precisely prescribed to achieve maximum benefits. Most people believe, however, if they merely invest some time, somehow exercise will magically give them all the benefits they're seeking.

To achieve the incredible benefits exercise has to offer, it needs to provide a significant cardiovascular stress to induce biochemical changes, like increasing mitochondria in the muscle to burn fat while one is sleeping.

If you need guidance to get started on an exercise plan, I urge you to review recent articles written by contributing editors and well-known experts Ben Lerner and Paul Chek.

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