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Just When You Thought The FDA Was Getting A Clue...

Thanks to pressure from the FDA's true constituents -- drug company executives -- along with, surprisingly, academia and patient advocate groups, the agency will back away from their previous plan to require long-term studies of new psychiatric drugs before they're approved for market.

The now-dead plan called for drug companies to conduct studies for up to six months before submitting new drugs to the FDA for their approval, which mirrored the way regulators in the European Union operate (also because doctors typically prescribe antidepressants for long periods of time).

Despite the concerns, a federal panel -- unanimously and emphatically -- rejected the FDA's longer, more deliberate time table for approving such drugs.

News like this merely re-enforces just how broken this conventional health care model truly is, and why more people are taking better responsibility for their health by seeking alternative methods that treat their conditions more safely.

Washington Post October 26, 2005

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