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Soy Milk May Be Tied To Infant Deaths

If you ever wondered why I'm so concerned about the health dangers tied to the rampant use of soy products -- especially in processed foods -- twin infant brothers living in Brooklyn may have died from porridge made from EdenSoy Extra milk and cornmeal their mother bought at a local supermarket.

Because medical examiners found no evidence of choking as a result of consuming the food, or any signs of foul play, New York police cleaned out two nearby supermarkets of EdenSoy milk and cornmeal for testing.

Even though the results aren't yet available, this isn't the first time soy milk has been investigated for its toxic side effects. Separate incidents in California and Arkansas prompted the FDA to issue a 1990 warning against using soy milk as a formula substitute. Most brands have followed the tougher FDA labeling guidelines, except EdenSoy, says Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel, author of The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America's Favorite Health Food.

In fact, the deaths of three infants prompted the Israeli Health Ministry to issue a health advisory earlier this year, recommending babies not be fed soy formula -- except as a last resort -- and severely limiting a child's intake of soy products.

Please, please breastfeed your baby if possible, as it is the healthiest source of milk you can give to your infant. I believe very strongly all soy formula should be avoided and is not fit for human consumption. But, if you can't, seek out a local dairy farmer in your area via the Real Milk Web site who sells raw milk, a safer and far healthier alternative to pasteurized milk.

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