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Keep Osteoporosis Away With Diet and Exercise

Just as exercise and diet work in tandem to beat obesity, the same can be said for osteoporosis, according to a report by the International Osteoporosis Foundation (free link below).

Although osteoporosis affects about third of women and 20 percent of men over age 50, recent studies have found strengthening bone mass, especially during puberty, can build a good foundation that can last a lifetime, and exercise can be just as crucial as diet in that process.

The report cites a Finnish study that found young girls who are the most physically active can gain some 40 percent more bone mass than their more sedentary counterparts. And, a 2001 report by the foundation found the bone mass girls accumulate from ages 11-13 equals the same amount they lose during the three decades that pass after they reach menopause.

And, if you're think exercise won't help you with building and holding onto bone mass and keeping osteoporosis at bay once you reach your baby-boomers years, guess again, based on studies used in the report.

Jump-starting an exercise program can be frustrating, however, if you don't know where to begin. Thankfully, I have plenty of free tools on my Web site to help you get started. My beginners exercise page includes links to other pages and a free table you can download to keep track of your progress.

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