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More Details Behind Former FDA Chief's Departure

An interesting postscript behind the recent and sudden departure of former FDA commissioner Dr. Lester Crawford who lasted just two months in that role: He or his wife sold shares in companies regulated by the agency last year.

Among the companies the Crawfords owned stock in last year:

  • Embrex (a biotech/agricultural company where Dr. Crawford was once a board member)
  • Wal-Mart
  • Wendy's
  • Kimberly-Clark

The details, first reported earlier this week by the Wall Street Journal (thanks to their Freedom of Information Act request), clear up why Dr. Crawford resigned so quickly. Sounds to me like another "business-as-usual" case of drug companies and federal regulators being way too friendly at the cost of your health and safety.

It appears we're making a dent in reforming the conventional medical paradigm to one focused on treating the true causes of disease, and it couldn't happen too soon for me...

New York Times October 27, 2005 Registration Required

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