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Sprint's Deal with US Government Means Nationwide Unlimited Wireless

WiMax could receive a HUGE boost, thanks to a reported agreement between Sprint and the Department of Defense (DoD), bringing fast, wireless and cheap Internet access to your home in the not-too-distant-future.

In an overhaul of the nation's security infrastructure, the DoD will soon purchase Sprint's iDEN network, so it can move its wireless communications to one encrypted wireless network. In return, Sprint will receive a huge amount of bandwidth in the 700 and 800Mhz bands to offer mobile WiMax broadband services over the next four to five years.

Here's the kicker: Earlier this week, Sprint announced a deal to offer with cable broadband operators Comcast, Cox and Time Warner co-branded wireless services. If the Spring-DoD deal goes through as experts predict it will, cable operators will be better positioned to compete with telephony giants like SBC to offer fast WiMax connections and more cheaply too.

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