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Oxidation Negates Fish Oil's Many Benefits

An interesting study by a team of New Zealand researchers has determined many of the fish oil samples being sold in Asia and the U.K. contain oxidized byproducts that can be harmful to your health.

The oxidation process often begins before the product's expiration date. Even worse, you may not even notice any problems at all because, at the initial breakdown phase, fish oil exudes little aroma.

What can make the difference in some fish oil products and others? For one, the amount of oxidation products removed or not during the purification process. Also, manufacturers add vitamin E to prevent oxidation, but most of them use alpha-tocopherols, not nearly as potent as gamma-tocopherols. (By the way, the vitamin E sold in most stores is a synthetic form called dl-alpha-tocopherol.)

Because you know how much of a fan I am of fish oil and all the wonderful things it can do, I've compiled a frequently asked questions page with many links to help you find the most beneficial fish oil product for your health.

Nutra Ingredients.com/Europe October 20, 2005

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