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European Drug Giant To Buy Chiron

To better protect its already large stake in the firm, Swiss drug giant Novartis announced an agreement to buy the rest of California-based biotech and vaccine company Chiron yesterday for $5.1 billion. The deal was sealed after Novartis upped its purchase price from $4.5 billion in a failed September bid.

Long regarded as a research powerhouse, you probably remember Chiron was also responsible for producing some 48 million contaminated flu vaccines in its British factory last year.

The deal was announced just a week after Chiron was awarded a huge government contract to create a stockpile of avian flu vaccine, a huge hoax if there ever was one.

To prevent the flu or any other infectious disease from harming the health of you and your family and staying away from worthless and potentially toxic vaccines, I urge you to review the simple lifestyle guidelines I outlined earlier this year.

Los Angeles Times November 1, 2005

New York Times October 31, 2005 Registration Required