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Wal-Mart Critics Launch New Movie You Can See For Free

Although I admire the organizational structure of Wal-Mart to achieve what they have, I strongly disagree with many of their practices and never shop in their stores. (I much prefer their competition Costco which is one of my favorite stores.) If you're at all on the fence about Wal-Mart and their business practices -- some of which border on the frightening -- you'll want to see the documentary, Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price.

Opening today in some 25 theatres across the country, the film, made for less than $2 million, is an unflattering portrait of the retail giant. And it has Wal-Mart worried big time...

So much so, the New York Times, my favorite newspaper in the world, got a quick glimpse of "Action Alley," Wal-Mart's war room inside its Bentonville, Ark., headquarters where it monitors consumer reactions and media news about the company, and I very much urge you to read it.

I look forward to viewing the documentary and have ordered it at their site. If you can wait until the week of Nov. 13-19, however, many of you can see it for free at a location near you.

New York Times November 1, 2005 Registration Required

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