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Our Country Leads The World... In Medical Errors

Based on a comparison of health care systems in six nations, the 2005 Commonwealth Fund International Health Policy Survey (free text link below) rates America tops in two inglorious categories: Inefficient care and medical errors.

Researchers interviewed patients who had a serious condition that required intense medical treatment or had been admitted to a hospital for a condition other than a routine pregnancy.

By the numbers:

  • Patients in this country received the wrong medication, inaccurate or delayed test results and improper treatment 34 percent of the time.
  • A third of the patients polled reported higher rates of disorganized care in their physician's offices.
  • Americans spent more on medical expenses than those in the other countries, with more than half unable to see a doctor or take prescribed medicines.

Medical errors are a huge pet peeve of mine, especially considering a majority of health care workers observe mistakes made by their peers but rarely do anything to challenge them.

Or that deaths blamed on mistakes made with prescription drugs sold at pharmacies spike at the beginning of each month.

If you want to improve your health without relying on "the wonders" of conventional medicine, I urge you to review a recent study I posted that directly addresses this issue.

Health Affairs November 3, 2005 Free Full Text Article

Yahoo News November 3, 2005

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