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Can GM Soy Be Deadly?

Because no special labeling is required for processed foods, most people remain in the dark about the real amount of genetically modified (GM) foods they consume -- and the damage they do to their bodies -- every day. They'll probably think twice about it, based on new research that discovered the deadly effect GM soy flour had on rats.

To study how diet that includes GM foods affects offspring, a Russian scientist compared the effect of adding 5-7 grams of GM soy flour to the diet of female rats versus those fed no soy or non-GM soy. The numbers are frightening indeed:

  • Pregnant females gave birth to pups, more than a third of which weighed less than 20 grams, about six times the number of the other groups.
  • More than half of the rats fed GM soy flour died within three weeks, about eight times the number of either the non-soy or non-GM soy groups.

The kind of soy food used in the study was produced by Monsanto's Roundup Ready system, planted on more than 100 million acres in this country.

If you remain skeptical about the damage soy can do to your health, I urge you to read my recent interview with Dr. Kaayla Daniel, author of The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America's Favorite Health Food.

Health Lies Exposed November 6, 2005 Free Full Text Article

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