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Nanotechnology: A ''Cure'' For Cancer?

Because you know how huge of a fan I am of technology, you've probably read articles I've posted about nanotechnology and how it could change health care for better or worse. I suspect you'll hearing more about nanotech in the coming years being used as a weapon by conventional medicine to eliminate cancer, part of the National Cancer Institute's (NCI) stated goal by 2015.

Although many believe the initial nanotech innovations will involve earlier detection, one professor is developing "nanobombs" made of carbon that can be sprinkled near cancer cells and selectively destroy them, when heated by a laser.

In fact, the NCI is so keen on nanotech, they've developed a Cancer Nanotechnology Plan that calls for clinical trials in as soon as three years.

Until that day comes, if it ever does, you don't have to wait for technology to catch up to natural treatments to enhance and protect your health. If you want to virtually eliminate your cancer risk today, I urge you to review my comprehensive list of 11 recommendations I posted earlier this year.

Wired News November 7, 2005

Wired News November 7, 2005

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