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Now You Can Get Directions On Your Cell Phone

If you ever needed to find directions and didn't have a pencil and paper handy, Google has unveiled its first cellular phone application, a stripped-down version of its Google Local online service that allows you to search for destinations in the United States.

This newest free service allows users to search for specific addresses and businesses. After entering a starting and ending location, Google Local does its magic by plotting a route. Based on your starting point, you can scroll through directions one at a time as you progress to your destination, complete with a customizable map that shows you where to make turns (it's certainly easy enough to use if you're in a car).

Another handy feature: Up to 20 prior searches are accessible, merely by scrolling on your phone.

Unlike the online service, however, there are some caveats about using Google Local on your cellular phone:

  • Point-to-point directions are limited to places within relatively short distances. (Directions between cities require using the Web-based version).
  • You must own a Java-enabled (J2ME) mobile phone from Cingular, Sprint Nextel or T-Mobile to use Google Local (roughly half of the cellular phones sold in America are already equipped to handle Java).
  • You'll need an Internet data plan to access Google Local which could add to your existing monthly bill.

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