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Another Acne Drug... But With A Difference

An interesting piece in today's New York Times describes a growing trend when it comes to approving new drugs, a sign the FDA may be moving in the right direction. When the FDA approved a new acne drug, Aczone, earlier this year, it came with one important caveat: Before prescribing it, physicians were required to test their patient's blood for an enzyme deficiency that would trigger anemia.

Just to prove you how greedy the mega-drug companies really are, after learning about the extra testing required, one of Aczone's developers dropped the drug altogether.

Fact is, acne is one of the easiest conditions to treat without a drug. The best way to control acne is by optimizing your insulin levels through reducing, with the plan of eliminating, grains and sugars from your daily diet.

Remember, economics influences physicians to prescribe a drug-based approach as opposed to retooling your diet. Fortunately, the only person who will get rich from a healthy diet recommendation is you -- from all the money you will save from not buying expensive medications.

New York Times November 8, 2005 Registration Required

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