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Fat Got Your Tongue?

If you read my blog with any regularity, you've been keeping up with the plague of obesity and how it's shortening the lives of Americans. A recent discovery by researchers in France and the United States of a fat taste receptor on the tongues of mice may explain why humans crave trans-fatty fast foods.

Researchers identified the CD36 receptor, already known to exist in tissues responsible for fat storage, on the tongues of common mice. Then, they tested their discovery by "knocking out" the same receptor in a second group and compared how the two groups reacted to fatty foods.

Not surprisingly, the unaffected group preferred fatty foods when offered them, but not the knockout group. Another interesting revelation: Placing a fatty liquid on the tongues of mice triggered the release of fat-producing substances produced in their digestive organs.

More evidence, optimizing your health by better planning and preparing healthier meals is a worthwhile investment of time, and can be done quickly too.

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