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Scaring Kids Away From Fast Food

No matter how smart your children are, when it comes to fast food -- the high-fat fuel that's worsened the obesity epidemic throughout the world -- most are clueless about the damage they do to their little bodies. So much so, according to a study by the British Heart Foundation (BHF), about a third of the kids polled didn't even know the main ingredient in chips. And, about 10 percent of them thought chips were mostly made of oil. No wonder, an estimated half-million children in the UK will become obese or overweight over the next two years.

In hopes of scaring kids away from fast food, the foundation launched Food4Thought yesterday, a national campaign including billboards and posters of hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken nuggets as they would appear before their common ingredients are melded and processed into what passes for "edible" food you see at the grocery store. In other words, pretty disgusting stuff!

Folks, it's up to all of us to make a difference. Think about it: If we fail to reverse this obesity epidemic, your kids may live shorter lives than you will. I'm convinced mankind can make the necessary changes, however, before obesity gets more out of control.

A great way to get started: Review the list of seven risk factors for childhood obesity I posted earlier this year. Other quick recommendations that will make an immediate difference:

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