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The Pre-Diabetic Epidemic Among Teens

Last year, researchers estimated an alarming 41 million Americans suffer from pre-diabetes, a condition in which your blood sugar hovers from 110-125, although, realistically, it should be below 100. You can add some 2 million teens to that number, according to a joint CDC/National Institutes of Health study.

Scientists investigated the incidence of abnormally high blood sugar levels after several hours without eating -- a condition called impaired fasting glucose (IFG) -- in more than 900 adolescents participating in a national health survey. For the study, IFG was defined, however, as having a blood sugar level above 99.

Although the average blood sugar score was less than 90, 7 percent of the kids in the study fell into that pre-diabetes range, and about 16 percent of the participants were also obese.

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