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Soft Drinks Add To Hypertension Risks

Usually when I'm blasting soft drinks, it's in relation to their huge contribution to obesity, particularly among children. New research, based on the Nurses Health Study, has found consuming soft drinks -- not coffee -- is also linked to high blood pressure.

Based on an analysis of some 33,000 cases of hypertension over 12 years, scientists found no connection between daily coffee consumption and hypertension, but did find one in relation to the caffeinated soft drinks, making them wonder if another chemical additive is responsible for the problem.

Considering one in six Americans suffer from hypertension and many more than that are grappling with obesity, you can do a world of good for your health by switching from soft drinks -- that cause far tougher problems -- to clean fresh water.

Even though it seems coffee and caffeine may be less dangerous to your health than soft drinks, I urge you to review recommendations I posted recently to keep in mind before you turn on the coffeemaker.

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