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Ginkgo: The New Ovarian Cancer Fighter

New research unveiled during a cancer prevention conference this week has found ginkgo biloba may greatly reduce a woman's risks of ovarian cancer.

Based on a comparison of 640 healthy women to 600 with ovarian cancer, scientists discovered patients took a number of herbal remedies, including ginseng, St. John's Wort and chondroitin. But gingko topped the list when it came to lowering one's ovarian cancer risks by a huge 60 percent.

The key components of ginkgo biloba -- gingkolide A and B -- were responsible for this benefit. Treating ovarian cancer cells with low dose amounts of gingkolide for three days caused cancer cells to shrink by 80 percent.

Seems ginkgo has become mighty popular recently, with the herb now being used to treat multiple sclerosis and dementia.

Yahoo News November 10, 2005

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