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Terminal Cancer Patient Fighting Back With Omega-3 Fats

Seems conventional medicine is beginning to understand right-sizing your diet by increasing your intake of omega-3 fats can do an incredible amount of good for your overall health. Nobody knows that better than a Nevada patient who's still among the living, despite being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 2000.

After being told he had months to live, the patient, with the help of a professor of biochemistry at the University of Nevada, retooled his diet significantly, taking high doses of fish oil and reducing his consumption of omega-6 corn-based foods.

Five years later, the 78-year-old patient has gained a little weight and the cancerous tumors in his lungs have shrunk by 90 percent, demonstrating nutritional interventions do make a great difference to your overall health.

Thankfully, this patient made contact with a scientist whose previous studies on mice had shown how omega-3 fats stopped the growth of varieties of cancer cells and improved an animal's responsiveness to chemotherapy.

The trick about fighting and preventing cancer by taking a high quality fish oil or cod liver oil daily comes down to doing your homework, because variables like oxidation can nullify its many benefits. That's why I urge you to review my frequently asked questions page to determine the safest and best kind for you.

Medical News Today November 11, 2005

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