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Suicide: Another Good Reason to Avoid Conventional Flu Treatments

Aside from worries about vaccines and hoaxes, here's one more reason you really ought to think twice before giving in to conventional treatments for the flu: Two Japanese teens given Tamiflu subsequently committed suicide.

As a result of those incidents (that occurred over the past two years), Japanese drug regulators added psychiatric effects such as delusions to the range of side effects connected with Tamiflu.

In fact, the European Medicines Evaluation Agency disclosed 48 reports of psychiatric side effects from Tamiflu worldwide in a July safety review. The lion's share of these reports -- related to delirium and hallucinations -- came from Japan (28) and the United States (10).

Just another reason, you should stay away from drugs and vaccines and the flu by taking some safer, healthier steps:

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USA Today November 18, 2005

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