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Is Beer Good For You?

You've heard of flavonoids, those natural chemicals found in plants, fruits and vegetables that contain countless health-promoting properties. Seems xanthohumol, a new flavonoid compound found only in hops -- used mostly for making beer -- is attracting more attention as a cancer preventative.

In fact, ongoing research at Oregon State has found xanthohumol slows the growth of prostate cancer. But before you head for the liquor store, however, researchers remain very hesitant to recommend drinking beer as most brands have low levels of xanthohumol, and its absorption in the body is limited.

Generally, larger and pilsner beers commonly sold in America have fairly low levels of these beneficial compounds, while porter, stout and ale brews have much higher amounts. And, as you might expect, some manufacturers are developing a "health beer" that allegedly contains higher quantities of flavonoids.

Your body and health are far better served with sticking to more natural sources for your flavonoids -- most vegetables and some fruits -- and staying away from alcohol altogether, as I'm convinced alcohol is poisonous and will unbalance your hormones.

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