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Risk Your Heart For a Decaf?

Last week, I told you about soft drinks elevating your blood pressure, but not coffee. Seems coffee isn't trouble-free after all, as it may increase your cardiovascular disease risks, but not just any kind.

Scientists compared the effect of coffee consumption among some 200 patients who drank regular and decaffeinated coffee (three to six cups a day for two months) or none at all.

Although there were no major warning signs as far as total cholesterol, trigylcerides, fasting glucose or insulin, those who drank decaf coffee had significantly high free fatty acid levels, leading to increases in apolipoprotein B, associated with LDL cholesterol.

The kind of beans used may also be an issue. Because the decaffeination process strips coffee ingredients that give it flavor, scientists said, more robust beans are used versus regular coffee made from more mellow Arabica beans.

Interestingly, the lead researcher used the term dose as an important consideration about drinking coffee, particularly because his study patients drank as much as six cups a day. Although coffee is certainly a better alternative than fruit juices or soft drinks, it's not nearly as healthy for you as drinking pure water.

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