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Nerds With Higher IQs Live Longer

Gifted children have one more edge on their peers, aside from being super-smart. The higher their IQ scores were, the longer they live, according to a new study.

Although science has linked intelligence to a patient's mortality odds, Harvard researchers tracked more than 850 men and women from childhood to their senior years to learn how far and high that high IQ advantage lasts, regardless of income or social status. All had IQs scores exceeding 134, just above what's considered the gifted level.

As a child's IQ scores rose, their risk of dying dropped sharply. For example, a patient with a childhood IQ of 150 enjoyed close to a 50 percent drop in their mortality risks over a peer with an score of 135.

Although scientists couldn't pinpoint exactly why childhood IQs were so crucial to longer life spans, not surprisingly, they suspect it could have much to do with getting more exercise, sidestepping bad habits like smoking and taking a more active role in managing their health, all fundamental guidelines of my Total Health Program.

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Yahoo News November 11, 2005

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