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Will Congress Protect Vaccine Makers Again?

It happened in the 1970s during the bogus swine flu scare and about a decade later with childhood vaccines when producers threatened to shut off the supply of vaccines in this country. Vaccine makers lobbied and soon received the protection they needed from Congress from any liability for the toxic products they produced.

Unfortunately, it's happening again, with Republican leaders in Congress championing a $7 billion appropriation to pay for useless vaccines to combat a bird flu epidemic in waiting and bioterrorism, while using broad language to protect manufacturers from any consumer liability.

According to this awesome Washington Post piece, neither Democrats or Republicans are willing to bend on this important issue, a shining example of the ongoing fight between the two parties. And, at least one company, Sanofi-Pasteur won't participate in any national vaccine program without a safety net.

Folks, would vaccine makers be fighting this hard if they knew their products were safe?

Regardless what happens on Capitol Hill, know this: You can't depend on the feds to give you the straight facts, considering many of them regularly take handouts from drug companies.

Just another reminder, your best and safest solutions for boosting your immune system and preventing the flu have nothing at all to do with taking a potentially drug or mercury-laden vaccine.

Washington Post November 17, 2005

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