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Grades Suffer When Kids Lose Valuable Sleep Time

There's absolutely no surprise here, based on a study of some 75 patients between ages 6-12, that kids who stay up late every night have a harder time with their schoolwork as well as paying attention, even for healthy children with no previous problems with grades or sleep.

The study compared a child's school performance over a week based on three different sleep regimens:

  • Their typical sleep routine, ranging from 8-10 hours a night.
  • Allowing kids to stay up late and sleep as little as 6.5-8 hours a night.
  • An optimized sleep schedule, with no one getting fewer than 10 hours a night.

Although the overall school performance of kids who burned the midnight oil suffered more than the rest, researchers were quick to point out a lack of sleep didn't create more discipline problems.

Makes you wonder if these results, in part, explain why parents in growing numbers are tackling their child's sleep debt with the help of a useless drug, and not setting proper bedtimes.

Just remember, that lack of guidance and sleep could very well be contributing the obesity epidemic, growing by leaps and bounds, particularly among children.

Yahoo News November 16, 2005

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