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Get Your Calcium From Natural Sources

A new study on healthy pre-teen girls demonstrates just how important getting the right amount of calcium -- and where you get it -- can be.

Researchers measured the calcium's effects on some 200 Finnish girls (ages 10-12), either by taking various supplements or a placebo or eating low-fat cheese.

Although the low-fat cheese group enjoyed more health benefits than those taking supplements, these results are a mixed blessing, because processed dairy foods are some of the worst things you can eat. Your best natural sources for calcium:

  • Finding an authentic raw milk source. (Visit the Real Milk Web site to find one near you.)
  • Increasing your intake of vegetables, ideally through juicing. Vegetable juice is also rich in vitamin K, which serves as the biological glue that plugs calcium into your bone matrix.
  • Getting the right amount of sunshine, your best source for vitamin D, every day.

Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 82, No. 5, November 2005: 1115-1126

Yahoo News November 22, 2005

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