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How Cranberries Protect Your Teeth From Cavities

About this time last year, I told you about cranberry juice being used to successfully treat tooth decay and cavities. The same researchers have returned with new information that describes how cranberries work to protect your teeth from damaging bacteria, not unlike a natural form of Teflon.

Scientists coated a synthetic material resembling tooth enamel with cranberry juice, then applied bacteria, plaque or glucan that causes cavities. After seven months of research, scientists found cranberry juice protected teeth about 80 percent of the time.

Thankfully, even the lead research warned against heading for the grocery store in search of cranberry juice for two important reasons:

  • The fructose added to most processed cranberry juice is the primary culprit of cavities and a huge contributor to disease.
  • The natural acidity of cranberries strips essential minerals from your teeth.

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