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Tainted Baby Formula Recalled

One more reason you should be wary of feeding your baby manufactured, processed formula: The presence of ink (isopropylthioxanthone) detected in baby milk distributed by Nestle in four European nations, that could total as much as 8 million gallons.

Even worse, Nestle officials reported the problem two months ago, and made more recent recalls as a precautionary measure, the company claimed there was no risk to human health. How so much processed milk was ruined: The ink used to print milk labels leached inside the packaging.

With tainted milk reported in Spain, Italy, France and Portugal and the high number of products already recalled, the problem could be much more serious and widespread than officials care to admit.

If you're unable to breastfeed your baby -- the safest, healthiest means available to nourish your child and protect your own health -- urge you to review my long-running series on healthy alternatives to conventional formulas.

San Francisco Chronicle November 22, 2005

San Francisco Chronicle November 23, 2005

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