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The Secret Behind Better Health and Pet Ownership

Last week, I told you how visits from a dog measurably improved the mental health of heart disease patients in a hospital setting. An interesting review of studies in this week's British Medical Journal may shed some light on why and how pet ownership can be so beneficial to your health.

The real secret, scientists say, may lie in "a broader definition" of good health that encompasses improved physical and mental well-being and socialization. In other words, better and more natural solutions that have nothing at all to do with taking potentially toxic drugs.

Fact is, the intrinsic non-humanity of pets confers certain advantages to their owners, namely their relationships are much more even-keeled and don't provide the kinds of strains ones between humans do, according to the review.

If you want to maintain that relationship for many years to come, you'll want to review articles I've posted by contributing editors Beth Taylor and Steve Brown, experts in the fields of holistic pet health and nutrition.

British Medical Journal, Vol. 331, No. 7527, November 26, 2005: 1252-1254 Free Full Text Article

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