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A Dangerous Solution For Relieving Stress: Consuming Sweets

You may be hearing on the news about recent findings that consuming sweets may be good for you in terms of dampening the production of the stress-producing hormone glucocorticoid. Like many unnecessary drugs and processed foods you may or may not be taking, however, consuming the "cure" may be far more dangerous to your overall health.

Researchers tested their theory on adult male rats given free access to food and water, then being offered either more water or a sweet drink twice a day. After two weeks and a series of stress tests, rats that consumed the sugar drink had lower glucocorticoid levels than those that drank water.

Interestingly, foods prepared specifically with real sugar lowered hormone levels versus sweets made with artificial, health-harming products like sucralose.

Fortunately, you have many natural and healthy weapons at your disposal to treat the damage stress can have on your body, without consuming sweets and sugary drinks.

Science Daily November 28, 2005

University of Cincinnati Medical Center November 15, 2005

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