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Osteoporosis: A Deadlier Risk Factor For Coronary Disease

Here's one more reason you should optimize your health with exercise and diet to prevent osteoporosis: Patients who suffer from that painful, bone-thinning disease have an increased risk for coronary artery disease (CAD).

After testing more than 200 men and women over the course of a year, Michigan researchers found more than half of their patients had clear signs of CAD. The difference from previous studies: Patients were catheterized, allowing scientists to get a far better read on any blockages.

What's more, osteoporosis patients were six times more prone to have coronary disease than those who didn't. In fact, folks, osteoporosis was a stronger indicator of coronary heart disease than a family history of the disease, high blood sugar levels or elevated blood pressure.

Besides diet and exercise, getting the right amount of vitamin D is another natural weapon at your disposal to prevent osteoporosis and fight diseases like Parkinson's.

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