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A Daisy Extract Can Tame Your Migraines

A few months ago, I told you about feverfew, the daisy-like plant that may be a natural source for a chemical that can kill human leukemia stem cells. A new study has confirmed the efficacy of another of feverfew's many uses: Treating migraines.

Although similar research using other formulations of feverfew extract hasn't been so successful, scientists treated 170 migraine patients with MIG-99, a stable feverfew extract, or a placebo three times daily.

Prior to the start of the study, patients suffered five attacks every four weeks. Those who were treated with MIG-99 experienced two fewer migraines per month and, based on more analysis of responder rates, researchers found the extract to be in excess of three times more effective than a placebo.

Another aspect of migraines: They can be triggered by a food-based reaction to wheat, dairy products, sugar, artificial preservatives and other chemicals. Your best defense may be to eliminate those foods, and retool your diet based on your body's unique nutritional type.

You may also want to consider learning the Emotional Freedom Technique, the non-invasive energy psychology I use in my practice daily to tame your migraines.

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