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Are Airlines Feeling the Obesity Crunch?

With the obesity epidemic taking a heavy toll on our nation's health and bank accounts, it's no big surprise our hobbled airlines are feeling the fiscal crunch in their spreadsheets when it comes extra fuel costs, especially with all that extra weight they're lugging around.

By themselves, fuel expenditures for most airlines -- 40 percent higher today than they were a year ago -- are on a par with labor costs, traditionally the highest number on the balance sheet. Planes are now flown so many times a day, according to an airline efficiency expert, losing 100 pounds off each flight can save a company millions of dollars every year.

Considering the industry burns about 19 billion gallons of jet fuel annually and the per cost of barrel spiraling to more than $100 in September (right now prices have dropped to $70), chances are good you'll be feeling an extra pinch in your pocketbook as well as that narrower than usual seat.

Folks, you may not affect the price of a plane ticket to some far away and warmer locale, but you can make an impact to optimize your health naturally and safely, and in ways that will save you many dollars over the long haul. Diet and exercise are the keys and both are equally important.

The important thing to remember about exercise is to view it like a drug that needs to be prescribed precisely to achieve the maximum benefit. Addditionally, the best means to maintain a healthy weight and achieve good health is to retool your diet based on your body's unique nutritional type.

Chicago Tribune November 30, 2005 Registration Required

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