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Are Soft Drink Sales Really Slowing Down in Our Schools?

When it comes to protecting the health of your kids, particularly when big business gets involved, it always pays to read between the lines. Case in point, the latest and rather opportune report from the American Beverage Association (ABA) crowing about a 24 percent drop in non-diet soft drinks in our nation's schools from 2002-2004.

Regular carbonated sodas still command a 45 percent share of the soft drink business in schools, although that number reflects a 57 percent drop from 2002, according to ABA. Sounds like good news, until you take a harder look at the numbers that revealed kids merely shifted their attention from one kind of health-harming sugary soft drink to another.

  • Sports drinks: Up 70 percent.
  • Diet carbonated soft drinks: Up 22 percent.
  • Fruit juices: Up 15 percent.
  • Bottled Water: Up 23 percent.

As long as politicians on the state and federal level have anything to say about it -- and they always do -- we may be waiting a very long time before soft drinks are ever completely banned in our public schools.

Until that day comes, if it ever does, one of the easiest steps you can take to improve your child's health is to make the switch from sugary soft drinks and juices to clean water.

Yahoo News December 1, 2005

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