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Fighting Chocolate Temptations

Thanks to exposure to leaded gasoline where cocoa beans are farmed, lead levels in some conventionally processed chocolate products may be as much as 60 times higher than they should be. But, despite its health-harming effects, patients still reach for it constantly, especially during the holidays. A joint study by researchers at Cornell University and the University of Illinois showed just how intoxicating chocolate can be, based on how well and often people see it.

Scientists placed jars of Hershey Kisses within eyeshot of 40 female patients but varied the containers (opaque or clear) and distance (6 feet away or on their desks). Both variables, not surprisingly, made a difference.

Clear containers on their desks were an open invitation for women to eat nearly twice as much chocolate (7.7 pieces), in relation to candy hidden in opaque jars. The same ratio also applied to clear jars filled with chocolate sitting 6 feet away versus opaque containers.

The obvious moral to this study -- keep chocolate safely tucked away to eat sparingly and safely -- certainly makes sense, unless you crave it. If that's the case, you're probably not eating the right foods based on your body's unique nutritional type and need to retool your diet.

You may also benefit from learning how to resolve the emotional issues connected to food cravings for sweets by learning how to use a powerful and effective tool like the Emotional Freedom Technique.

Los Angeles Times December 5, 2005 Registration Required

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