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Blame Obesity For Prostate Cancer Recurrence

With obesity one of the main contributors to the spiraling rate of cancer -- now the leading killer of Americans -- it's not at all surprising those extra pounds also increase a man's risk of a prostate cancer relapse.

In a study of some 2,100 men whose cancerous prostates were removed over a 14-year period, 12 percent faced a relapse, slightly more than a year after they were first treated.

The numbers, based on body mass index (BMI), really tell the story here. A BMI of 35 or higher increased a man's risk of another bout with prostate cancer by an amazing 69 percent in relation to a BMI of 25 or less. And, men with a BMI score exceeding 30 elevated post-prostate cancer problems by 31 percent.

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MSNBC December 6, 2005


Urology, Vol. 66, No. 5, November 2005: 1060-1065

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