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The Newest Health-Harming Breakfast Food: Pizza

To separate you from your hard-earned cash as well as harm your health, a pair of national fast-food chains have joined the fast-food breakfast derby with an unappetizing concoction: Breakfast pizza.

With pizza sales largely confined to evenings and overall industry sales ($30 billion) nearly flat, a pair of national chains -- Papa John's and Happy Joe's Pizza -- believe the time has come for a scrambled eggs and bacon pizza, minus the tomato sauce and pepperoni. By the way, this concept fell flat some two decades ago when Domino's tested a line of breakfast pizzas in Ohio.

The way I see it, fast-food restaurants are merely giving their time-starved customers more excuses to revisit their toxic foods multiple times a week, of course, at the expense of their health.

This latest "innovation" is just another sign fast-food chains are running away from healthier options, a concept it seems many Americans aren't ready to embrace.

You can't blame fast-food restaurants for growing their businesses. The responsibility for safeguarding your health rests with you making the right choices, not what's on the menu at Papa John's, McDonald's or any other fast-food chain.

USA Today December 8, 2005

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