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The Dangers of Vaccines: Are Parents More Aware?

A few months ago, I posted a pair of awesome stories written by a United Press International reporter who has been researching the destructive force that is autism and its undeniable link to vaccines. His latest piece hits far closer to home with a look at Homefirst Health Services, a Chicagoland clinic that has cared for some 35,000 children.

Even more impressive, the many thousands of pediatric patients for whom Homefirst cares haven't been vaccinated, and every baby they've delivered has never succumbed to autism either. (Homefirst is very close to my suburban Chicago practice and where we refer pediatric patients.)

Interestingly, the rate of autism in Illinois is 38 per 10,000, more than a third below the national average (60 per 10,000). So, why are autism rates lower here than other states? Illinois allows faith-based exemptions for toxic "treatments" like vaccines, and Homefirst doesn't discourage parents from opting out of them.

And, among unvaccinated children cared for by Homefirst, they've treated only one case of asthma, a striking number that also caught the attention of national insurer Blue Cross.

Do you really need any more proof vaccines are contributing heavily to the rising number of autistic children in this country?

Washington Times December 7, 2005

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