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Video of the Largest Atomic Bomb EVER Detonated!

The Tsar Bomba, the largest atomic bomb ever tested in 1961, yielded an explosion equivalent to 50 million tons of TNT, or 3,800 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, near the end of the World War II.

Just as impressive, the cloud resulting from the detonation rose 14 miles high. The level of destruction from such a bomb would create a fireball that incinerates everything within a radius of 110 miles, well within the short distance between Chicago and Milwaukee.

Many of you reading this might be like me and tend to completely forget about the truly amazing destructive power the United States has compiled. I am no fan of using this power to destroy human life but it is an amazing reminder, if this power is in the wrong hands, none of us can run far enough away.

Sad to realize that our race has developed the ability to destroy all life as we know it.

Spiked Humor October 9, 2005

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